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  Public Health Emergency Declaration

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***COVID-19*** There is an Emergency Declaration in place for the State of Florida and Nationally. We are here for you. Please click here to learn how Ultimate Health Plans provides benefits during an Emergency.

How We Provide Benefits During a Disaster

Ultimate Health Plans follows all CMS guidelines for providing benefits during disaster or public health emergency declarations.

For Medical Benefits

In the event of a Presidential emergency declaration, a Presidential (major) disaster declaration, a declaration of emergency or disaster by the Governor, or an announcement of a public health emergency by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, we:

  • Allow Part A/B plan benefits and supplemental Part C plan benefits to be furnished at specified non-contracted facilities (so long as any Part A and B benefits are furnished at Medicare certified facilities);
  • Waive the requirements for gatekeeper referrals for those services that require it;
  • Temporarily reduce plan-approved out-of-network cost sharing to in-network cost-sharing amounts; and
  • Waive the 30-day notification requirement to Members as long as all the changes (such as reduction of cost sharing and waiving authorization) benefit you, our Member.

For Drug Benefits

If the President has declared a major disaster or the Secretary of Health and Human Services has declared a public health emergency, we:

  • Ensure you can use out-of-network pharmacies when you cannot reasonably be expected to obtain covered Part D drugs at a network pharmacy, and when such access is not routine;
  • Lift the “refill too soon” restriction so that you can get another supply of your medication earlier than you usually could get it; and
  • Ensure that you can get the maximum extended day supply of your medication if you request it and its available at the time of refill.

Depending on the situation, we may take the above steps before the impending emergency to help you prepare and ensure you have access to your medications even if the President or Secretary have not yet made a declaration.

If you need help accessing your medical benefit, please call 1-888-657-4170 (TTY 711). Our hours are Monday through Sunday from 8am to 8pm.

If you need help getting your medications, please call 1-800-311-7517 (TTY 711), 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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